Water Damage and Home Appliances

Water Damage and Home Appliances

After a fire breaks out in a building or water hits it (either in the form of flood or heavy rain or any other leakage) the whole building is affected including the electric devices and appliances. Everyone wants to restore the fire, smoke or water damage and assessment of the property that is damaged by the water is the very first priority after saving lives of the individuals. The appliances that have been damaged by the flood or storm water can be restored. For this restoration, a trained and qualified technician is needed. An ordinary home owner cannot inspect the electric appliances and declare them fit in condition.

According to technicians of well known and famous companies such as los angeles water damage, a home owner must not touch or turn on the water damaged appliances and must call an expert for inspection of those devices. The trained technician will check whether the appliances are in condition of use or not. The responsibility of home owner is to switch of the devices as soon as los angeles water damage repair them. After this, it is technician’s responsibility to fix and bring that appliance to the working condition.

Water can cause potential hazards in the electronic devices and inspection of these devices by any expert is very necessary. An ordinary man cannot know about theses hazards and could cause a serious damage to him or other members of the home. Electrocution can be caused by the dry ocean salt water because it acts like a conductor and can cause corrosion. Gas components of the appliances are also damaged by the water. Following are some DIY tips that must be followed before the arrival of any expert who could help in inspection and restoration of the electronic devices.

  • As soon as water damages the appliances, disconnect them from the power source after water recedes.
  • Do not try to unplug the appliances when standing in the water.  This can result in serious electrical shock.
  • Now call the nearest authorized service facility provider for inspection of theses water damaged appliances. Inspection of appliances must be done after they become completely dry (after 4-5 days of the water damage done)
  • When the expert has finished the inspection you must replace all the damaged components (that were exposed to salt water). This is the most economical way of reconditioning of theses appliances.
  • Water filter of refrigerators, washing and sanitizing of bins of ice makers should be done. The dispenser of ice maker must also be flushed 3-5 times. Running the ice maker for one hour should be the next step. The items that are damaged by the flood water become contaminated and needs special cleaning procedures by expert technicians. For this you have to call the nearest water damage restoration company that will provide you expert to restore the water damaged items.



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