How to Repair Water Damaged Wood Floor

We face some problems in our daily life and repairing a water damaged wooden floor is very important problem which we usually face in daily life. Well you have to perform some actions before repairing. First you have to dry out the floor and subfloor also so that the board does not continue to wrap.

It’s very important to dry the floor then clean it. Mold spores can be left after cleaning the floor but you have to take care of it. Mold spores can cause damage to health and it can cause several health diseases so you have to clean the mold too. Beware of the mold while cleaning the floor as mold is not visible usually so you should not avoid mold while cleaning and washing the clothes.

The best way to dry the floor is to buy special fans to make it dry. Then point these fans to the floor. Do not turn off the AC because it is needed for the drying process. Open windows next to the floor area about 2 inches. The excess moisture has to go somewhere with air conditioning also. More importantly, beneath the floor in the basement (you didn’t say it you have a crawl space or full basement), you should also have big fans pointed up towards the place where humidity exists.. If you happen to have a finished ceiling below the ground, you should also think about cutting a precise (and repairable) square in the drywall. This is how the fans can better dry out the base of the subfloor. You should also do something to clean up the basement too if the climate is humid much. You should also freshen the basement a bit, unless the climate is really humid, and then use spray which decreases the humidity in the basement on those soggy days.

You can imagine the wood to continue to swell. You should then relieve the stress by removing about 2 boards all the way across the middle of the kitchen. It’s a good idea to do this anyway because this will allow more ventilation of the subfloor. I assume you will call your insurance agent, but you will also call a floor contractor or los angeles water damage restoration. He will have an electronic moisture meter. He will fix every problem you are facing about the wooden floor. You can fix the problems of water damage to the wood in these ways.



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