Mold and use of bleach: killing the mold

Mold and use of bleach: killing the mold

Mold growth after the water damage is the serious problem for the health of human beings and life if the household items. As soon as mold growth is detected in your home, you must try to remove it immediately. If the mold is allowed to grow then it forms colonies and the situation is worsened. You can remove mold through household products and by calling an expert of los angeles water damage restoration.

Mold Removal and Bleach

If you want to remove it on your own then the best chemical for killing the mold is chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach. Bleach is the most popular type of mold killer and mold killing products available in the markets also contain bleach. Sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient of the chlorine bleach and other major component is water. Bleach is not expensive and is easily available in the markets. Bleach is a good sanitizer and helps in killing the bacteria and viruses. So it can also be helpful in killing the mold and neutralizing the mold spores as well. Bleach successfully kills the mold grown on the non-porous surfaces (tiles, glass and bathtubs) but it fails to remove the mold from porous surfaces (drywall and wood). This is because bleach cannot penetrate into the porous surfaces and thus only surface mold is killed.

  • When using bleach for removal of mold, you should ventilate the area. The circulation of air must be enough so open the doors and windows of the mold affected areas.
  • Bleach is damaging for the human skin so you should use the proper personal care equipments like goggles, gloves and face mask.
  • Now make a solution of chlorine bleach and water. The ratio should be one cup of chlorine for one gallon of water (1:10).
  • Spray this solution to the moldy areas with the help of a spray bottle. If spray bottle is not available then any piece of cloth or sponge can also be used. These sponges and clothes can be used single time because bleach will destroy them.

Is bleach suitable for the mold removal?

Experts suggest that use of bleach for mold removal is not a better option. There are several disadvantages linked with the bleach usage.

  • Bleach loses its effectiveness and power after 90 days
  • Bleach is corrosive in nature and damages the fibers of the porous materials
  • Gases produced by the bleach can be damaging for the lungs
  • It is a chemical that can burn your skin
  • Bleach cannot kill mold grown on the porous surfaces

That is why experts suggest using natural products for mold removal. These products include vinegar and tea tree oil.



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