Mold Growth: Remedial Measures



Mold Growth: Remedial Measures

Mold growth is dangerous in the residential areas. Basically the areas that are damaged by the water are good foundation for the mold to grow. Mold can grow easily anywhere (wood, carpet, floor, paper) especially on the organic substances. Moisture and oxygen are necessary for its growth. Mold is a basic cause of allergies and the respiratory problems. People are now more concerned about the avoiding and preventing mold in the homes. Excessive moisture is the basic reason and accelerator for mold growth. This moisture problem must be addressed properly to avoid the mold growth. Complete elimination of mold is not possible however its growth can be controlled by los angeles mold removal. Mold growth can occur in sealed buildings and those places where humidity is not under control. Where ventilation is not adequate and sufficient, moisture buildup.

Causes of Moisture Problems

Moisture problem can be caused by the following

  • Uncontrolled humidity
  • Changes in construction patterns
  • No or less ventilation
  • Drywalls
  • Roof leaks
  • Gutters
  • Delayed maintenance

Concealed Mold

Sometimes mold growth is unseen and hidden. This can occur on the back of the dry wall, walls that are behind the furniture or the bottom of the carpets and under padding. Hidden mold is dangerous because it is unable to detect. One can only detect a hidden mold growth from the odor or respiratory problem faced by the residents.

Prevention from Mold

Following steps must be taken in order to prevent your building from mold growth

  • Leaky plumbing must be fixed as early as possible
  • Moisture problems must be fixed
  • Try for air circulation and ventilation of the home or other building
  • Control the humidity level
  • los angeles mold remediation
  • Proper and timely maintenance
  • Drying of the wet and moist places quickly ideally within 48 hours

Remedial Instructions

Remedial measures should be scheduled in the times when the residents of home or building are not present so that the occupants are less likely to be affected by the debris of remedial activities. After the proper scheduling of remedial activity following remedial measures must be taken.

  • Moisture problems must be solved as soon as possible
  • Carrying of repair plan
  • Carrying the maintenance plan
  • Removal of mold
  • Drying of water damaged areas
  • Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) must be arranged

Outside support when needed must be called so that complete mold elimination is ensured and occupants can be saved from the health risks of the mold growth.



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